Thursday, March 28, 2013

My Passion: Saving the Children

Another paper I wrote...... Enjoy.
My Passion: Saving the Children
I am passionate about many things, but one passion that really got a hold of my heart is fighting modern-day child slavery, both physically and spiritually, and child abuse. Slavery still exists today, taking many shapes and disguises. Child abuse is a sad, cruel crime which needs to be fought. My passion is to help abused, enslaved physically, and enslaved spiritually children.
Child abuse is wicked. There is nothing good about it. Innocent children should not be treated like animals. I want to help children suffering from abuse. I have a passion to help them, and it is a burning passion. Child abuse must be stopped.
Next, I want to rescue children in bondage. Slavery is also bad and even today it exists and is worse than it was years ago when people were more aware of it. I want to make people aware of it, this would probably help the problem the most. I want to boycott certain products to prove a point. I have also started a couple petitions towards companies who buy products produced by children in slavery. Fighting modern-day slavery is very important to me.
Lastly, I want to free the many children who are lost in spiritual darkness. This case is so sad. Children will grow up and influence people, companies, and even countries. It would be so much better if they were spiritually strong. Their choices would be better. Our country and world would have people full of good morals. Rescuing children from growing up without the Lord will help raise up a generation strong Christians who are living to serve the Lord in all that they do. This is very important.
Helping abused children and children who are enslaved physically and enslaved are things I am very passionate about. Child abuse needs to stop because children should be able to live in their homes feeling safe, not living in fear. Because child slavery is wrong, something needs to be done to stop it. By helping children living in spiritual darkness, I can help raise up a nation that loves the Lord. I pray God will raise up people who will help me in my fight to help these kids suffering from these issues.

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