Monday, August 25, 2014


Hello everyone!
I hope you are having a fantastically, blessed week!!

I decided to post again and thought I would share a little about the last few years of my life. So, if I don't manage to bore you all, yay!

As I believe I mentioned in my testimony that I posted on here awhile ago, I seem to tend to suffer from something like depression. I was never diagnosed as having anything, but I knew what I was feeling wasn't normal, unless it was caused by depression or something like that. When I was younger, this was kind of seen a little bit also. But as I got older, I felt it more and more. I finally figured out that there seemed to be a cycle to it- about 3 months feeling awful and about another 3 months feeling better. I think that I was always feeling it, just during a certain period, it was a lot stronger than another period.
After going on like this for a few years, I had a really horrible week. Probably one of the worst I had had in a long while. So, I told my mom- we have to do something. I couldn't stand feeling that way any longer. I also told her that it wasn't happening because of things going on around me, but probably because of something in my body not working right, etc. My mom began looking into ways to help me. She finally found this test that I could take. I took the test. We wanted to try the natural approach first and see if it helped. So, I started taking some supplements that the test recommended. I honestly didn't think it was going to help, but I began to see a difference.
It helped me to be truly happy with little effort, when before it would've taken a lot. I believe it also gave me more energy. I have started exercising and eating a little healthier. I now have something that motivates me to do something and not just sit around all day feeling depressed. I believe that taking a couple supplements helped me take that first step.
I am very thankful that the Lord helped me with all that- guiding my mom as to what to do, etc. I am so blessed that He stepped in and helped me out.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Being Happy In Spite of the Circumstances

I recently had the opportunity to go to camp to assist the camp nurse who happened to be one of my friends' moms. There were some unforeseen conflicts that arose though causing my trip to turn out entirely different than I thought it would. I ended up leaving on Wednesday instead of staying till Saturday due to this.
Normally, this kind of situation would have left me upset and not happy without any work, but I found this struggle going on inside. Was I going to be happy in spite of it? Or was I going to let it upset me and ruin my week as I normally would let it? I will confess that I don't normally have a struggle like this one. I normally just let it ruin my week/day, but something about this time was different. I believe that it could've been a lot worse if I would have let it take me down as far as it normally would have. I am thankful that the Lord helped me have a decent week in spite of everything that happened. :-)