Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Importance of Being Close Friends with Your Sisters

The Importance of Being Close to Your Sisters

Why is it important to make good friends with your sisters? Well, for one

they are going to be someone who you will most likely see and stay in

touch with for the rest of your life. Your sisters should be your best friends.

They should know you the best and feel like they can talk to you about their

problems. Don’t just live in the same house with them. Get to know them!

Be their friend. You won’t be disappointed. So, go make friends with your

sisters and treasure and love them forever

Monday, September 24, 2012

Purity towards Christ

Is  it  important  to  stay  pure  towards  Christ?  If  so,  why  is  it  important?  The  Bible  refers  to  the  church  as  Christ's  bride.  Just  as  it  is  important  to  stay  pure  towards  your  husband  it  is  even  more  important  to  stay  pure  towards  Christ  because  He  is  our  spiritual  husband.   Staying  pure  towards  Christ  means  to  not  go  after  the things  of  this  world,  follow  false  teachings, and   worship  other   gods,  but   to  stay  in  His  word  and  do  what  it  says.  Philippians  1:27  says,  "Whatever  happens,  conduct  yourselves  in  a  manner  worthy  of  the  gospel  of  Christ."  So,  let's  conduct  ourselves  in  that  manner  while  staying  pure  for  our  Lord  and Savior,  Jesus  Christ.

A Reflection of Myself

A  lot  of  people  can  see  themselves  in  many  different  things.  I  can  see myself  through  the  life  of  a  wild  mustang  horse.  We  all  fight  for  our  own  will.  In  the  wild,  a  mustang  is  free,  but  always  watching  for  danger.  I  have  always  fought  for  my  own  will,  to  do  my  own  thing,  and  to  never  be  captured.  Once  captured,  a  wild  mustang  will  never  trust;  not  unless  shown  how  or  given  a  reason  to.  When  I  was  captured  I  never  trusted  anybody;  I didn’t  want  a  reason  to  trust.  My  captor  was  very  patient,  willing,  and  forgiving.  My  captor  was  Jesus  Christ.  Once  I  started  trusting  Him,  I  learned  to  love  Him  more  and  more.  I  am  the  mustang’s  captor.  Learning  to  trust  God  more  and  more  gives  me  the  patience  and  understanding  of  how  hard  it  might  be  for  the  mustang  to  trust  me.  The  reflection  of  myself  can  be  seen  through  the  life  of  a  mustang.
By My Sister, Victoria

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Treasures of God

We  are  treasured  by  God!!  Sometimes,  it   is  hard  to  remember  that,  but  it  is so  true.  If  God  didn't  treasure  us,  then  why  would  He  send  His  Son  to  die  for  our  sins?  Jesus  came  because  He  treasured  you!  Never  forget  that  your  life  is precious  to  Him.  He  will  always  be  there  for  you  when  you need  Him.  He  treausures  and  cares  for  you  more  than  anyone  else  in the  world.  He  will  never  let  you down  when  the  people  around  you  do.  You  are  treasured  by  the  Maker  of  this  universe.  Dwell  on  it.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Abortion  is  a  horrible  matter.  People  do  not realize  that  after  only  nine  weeks  the  baby’s  heart  is indistinctly beating,  her stomach juices  are  already  flowing,  and  her  kidneys  are  functioning;  the  baby’s  fingertips  are apparent,  “the baby responds  to  touch  and  will  curl  her  fingers  around  an  object  placed  in  the  palm  of  her  hand.  Recent  studies  indicate  that  even  at  this  early  stage  a  pre-born  child  experiences  pain.”  All  things  here  is  what  you  will  find  in  a  fully  developed  adult.  People  are  deceived  to  think  that  the  baby  can’t  be  fully  developed  at  this  time.  Webster’s  dictionary  definition  of  abortion  is  explained  as   “ a  premature  expulsion  of  a  fetus  so  that  it  does  not  live  especially  if  induced  on  purpose.”  How  can  people  kill  an  innocent  little  person!!!  Abortion  needs  to  be  stopped!  We  that  know  these  things  should  move  to  stop  it.  Abortion  is  a  terrible  act. 

By Victoria.

My Therapist Lives in a Barn

My  horse  is  the  best  therapist  in  the  world.  The  smell  of  horse  breath  and  hay  are  so  comforting  in  times  of  trial.  If  I  am  having  a  rough  day  or  something  tragic  has  happened;  I  can  run  to  him.  I'm  free  to  tell  him  everything,  and  he  won't  tell  anybody.  Prince  will  not  rebuke  or  correct  me,  he  simply  listens.  I'm  so  grateful  to  God  that  I  have  a  horse.  So  having  a  therapist  in  my  backyard  is  very  convenient.
Author: my sister, Victoria

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Importance of Obedience

Why  is  obedience  so  important?  When  you  were  little,  did  your  parents  ever  tell  you  not  to  go  in  the  street?  What  if  one  time  you  decided  to  not  listen to  them  and  do  it  anyways?  What  if there  was a  car  coming,  and  it  didn't  see  you?  Well,  obviously  obedience  is  important.  God  gives  us  laws  to  go  by,  but  they  are  for  our  own good,  maybe  for  our  safety  or  maybe  just  so  you  can  learn  to  do  what  is  right.  Always  be  obedient  to  what  God  is  telling   you  to  do.  You  will  never  regret  it  if   you  obey  Him.   Deuteronomy  13:4  says,  "Serve  only  the  LORD  your  God  and  fear  him  alone. Obey  his  commands,  listen  to  his  voice,  and  cling  to  him."

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Music We Listen To Affects Us

Did you know that the music you listen to affects you in different ways? That is why it is so important for us as Christians to listen to music that encourages us in the Lord and music that is pleasing to Him. Let's look at how different kinds of music can affect you. For one, depressing music can make you feel depressed, and happy, upbeat music can make you happy. Plus bad thoughts can be placed in your mind from music that uses foul language. So, what kind of music should we listen to? Is it not okay to listen to certain music that we like? Well, is it something that the Lord would be pleased to you listening to? For me, I like listening to sad music, but I wouldn't want to listen to it all the time.  So, make sure you listen to music that would bring honor to the Lord.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Chapter 1

This is something I have been working on.... it still needs a lot of work, but here is the first chapter, if you can even call it a chapter...

Chapter 1

It was nearly dawn as the horse and rider came into view. The rider, a young girl, sat bareback as her horse galloped wearily, mane waving in the wind matching the girl’s long, flowing blond hair.  They galloped on as one until they reach a stream hidden in the trees.  “We can stop here girl; nobody will see us,” the girl said as she glanced wearily around them. She pulled out a sack and sat down letting her horse get a drink out of the stream and eat some of the rich grass growing along the stream.
            They had been doing this for a week now, traveling during the night and sleeping during the day not wanting to be seen. The girl, who name was Grace, was on her way back home. Her father, who wanted to separate her from her little brother, had hired her away from the farm where she had grown up.  That was five years ago. She finally decided she just had to go home, find her brother, and help him escape from their father who cared nothing of their well-being.
So, here she was, just a mile from her father’s home. Should she wait till nightfall? Grace thought quietly as she pushed her hair behind her ears. I just have to see if he is alright! I just have to. “Okay, girl, let’s go now. I know it is just getting light, but I have to see my brother!”
Quickly mounting Freedom, her horse, Grace guided her horse towards the farm.  Trotting then lopping, they soon reached the place they had traveled so long and far to reach.


"And I surrender all to You all to You."

Just listen to the words....
 Do you have something you need to surrender to the Lord?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Being a good friend

Since I wrote something about how to chose good friends, I decided to do one on how to be a good friend.

Being a good friend is very important if you want to keep friends and make new ones. I think you should practice the same character traits you look for in your friends. Let's look at some of those again. Self-control is very important in a friendship. As a girl, it is easy to let our emotions take control of situations and make a bigger deal out of them then needed. If you have self-control, then you can help prevent things that don't need to happen. Loving others even if they mess up big time is also really important. It shows them what kind of friends they really have when they make mistakes and then look at who is left. Forgiveness. Wow, forgiveness is a hard one. But the bitterness and anger that sometimes come with unforgiveness causes a horrible mess. Being able to forgive someone right away when they do something to you is the best way to do it. It will save your friendship many problems. Trust. Trust as well as forgiveness are very hard for me. If a friend hasn't given you a reason not to trust them, then trust them till they give you a reason not to! Gossip. Don't gossip behind their back. Watch your tongue! Watch what you say about people!  Your tongue can cause so many problems it is crazy. If what you are going to say isn't nice, encouraging, or something the Lord would want you to say, then don't say it! Sticking with your friend even through the hard/rough spots. This will also show how much you really care about them and how real your friendship is. Stick with your friends. Be there when they need you. And let the Lord shine through you. Let the Lord show in your relationship. Let Him be number one in your relationships. Let Him lead you in making decisions in your friendships. Pray for and encourage your friends in the Lord! Don't tear them down. Build them up. 
There are many things I didn't write about, but I hope this might have helped you even a little bit. 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Go share the Lord with people!!

"Lord, though I walk through the valley of the
 shadow of death I'm not scared cause You're
 holding my breath. I only fear that I won't have enough 
time left to tell the world that there is no time left."

It is so important to use every opportunity God gives us to share Him with others! This life will end soon...... it is our job to go share the Lord to our generation! Go on! What are you waiting for?!? Let the Lord lead you. He will help you. 

Choosing Friends

Choosing good friends is very important. If you choose a friend that loves the Lord, it is much better than choosing someone to be your friend if they don't care about God and building you up. 1 Corinthians 15:33 says, "Do not be deceived: bad company corrupts good morals." It is so important to choose your friends wisely so that your good morals are built up instead of torn down. Some qualities you should look for in a friend include someone who love the Lord with all their heart and someone who wants to encourage you in the Lord. Also, look for friends that will love you for who you are, forgive at all times, are self-controlled, considerate of you and others, a prayer warrior, trustworthy, and someone who will hang on even during the hard times. So, choose your friends wisely!!! "Wise men walk with wise men, but the companion of fools will be destroyed." ~Proverbs 13:20

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sea of Faces

"If only my one heart was all You'd gain from all it cost, 
Well, I know You would still have been a man 
With a reason to willingly offer Your life."

    A while back, I was going through this time where I thought, "Jesus came and died, but a whole bunch of people were saved through it. It wasn't as big a price since He saved us all."
    I know that it was a huge deal. And I know that was wrong to think that, but that is how I felt.
   At that time, I really liked to listen to this song and the section I put at the top stuck out to me. He would have still done all He did if I was the only one He saved. Wow, imagine that! His love is so deep that He did come and save all who accept Him, but if you were the only who did, He still would have come. He did it for you. He did for me. He did it for everyone that will accept Him. Even if it was just me, it would have still been worth it to Him. What amazing love! <3