Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sea of Faces

"If only my one heart was all You'd gain from all it cost, 
Well, I know You would still have been a man 
With a reason to willingly offer Your life."

    A while back, I was going through this time where I thought, "Jesus came and died, but a whole bunch of people were saved through it. It wasn't as big a price since He saved us all."
    I know that it was a huge deal. And I know that was wrong to think that, but that is how I felt.
   At that time, I really liked to listen to this song and the section I put at the top stuck out to me. He would have still done all He did if I was the only one He saved. Wow, imagine that! His love is so deep that He did come and save all who accept Him, but if you were the only who did, He still would have come. He did it for you. He did for me. He did it for everyone that will accept Him. Even if it was just me, it would have still been worth it to Him. What amazing love! <3

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