Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Being a good friend

Since I wrote something about how to chose good friends, I decided to do one on how to be a good friend.

Being a good friend is very important if you want to keep friends and make new ones. I think you should practice the same character traits you look for in your friends. Let's look at some of those again. Self-control is very important in a friendship. As a girl, it is easy to let our emotions take control of situations and make a bigger deal out of them then needed. If you have self-control, then you can help prevent things that don't need to happen. Loving others even if they mess up big time is also really important. It shows them what kind of friends they really have when they make mistakes and then look at who is left. Forgiveness. Wow, forgiveness is a hard one. But the bitterness and anger that sometimes come with unforgiveness causes a horrible mess. Being able to forgive someone right away when they do something to you is the best way to do it. It will save your friendship many problems. Trust. Trust as well as forgiveness are very hard for me. If a friend hasn't given you a reason not to trust them, then trust them till they give you a reason not to! Gossip. Don't gossip behind their back. Watch your tongue! Watch what you say about people!  Your tongue can cause so many problems it is crazy. If what you are going to say isn't nice, encouraging, or something the Lord would want you to say, then don't say it! Sticking with your friend even through the hard/rough spots. This will also show how much you really care about them and how real your friendship is. Stick with your friends. Be there when they need you. And let the Lord shine through you. Let the Lord show in your relationship. Let Him be number one in your relationships. Let Him lead you in making decisions in your friendships. Pray for and encourage your friends in the Lord! Don't tear them down. Build them up. 
There are many things I didn't write about, but I hope this might have helped you even a little bit. 

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