Saturday, June 29, 2013

As Christians we need to be like molding clay - ready to be shaped and formed by Christ. Are you ready to be shaped and formed into the vessel Christ has planned for you?

Monday, June 17, 2013

During those dry times......

All you do is give. Give and give. Give encouragement. Give advice. Etc. Not taking any encouragement or  advice back in. And now, you are dry. You are empty. You are running out of stuff to give out. It's one of those dry seasons. So empty. So dry.
This is sort of how I've been feeling lately. I've been so busy and so tired. And I feel as if I am becoming dry inside. Yeah, people do give me encouragement and advice; it just does not seem like it happens that often. And after running this way for a while, I'm running out of energy. I haven't been in the Word as much as I should be. I noticed this morning that that was a lot of the problem. I should be drinking in nourishment from God's Word. And that's what I'm not doing.
So, advice for you guys. If you ever feel like this, talk it out with your Father. And then, get in the Word. Drink in it's life giving advice and encouragement.
God bless! And be filled! ;)