Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Loving Others- A Job we are all called to

Frustrated and a little offended, I walked away from a family sitting at the table tucked in the corner of the small family restaurant I work at. I walked up to one of the other girls that works there and said something like- "I hate when people make you feel like crap. I'm a person just like them! I'm not being paid to be treated like crap."
Sometimes I'll go to a table and cheerfully say- "Hello! How are you doing today?" To which the reply is sometimes "..." What's worse is when your boss gets on you making you eat humble pie. (But when that happens, you know she is really the sweetest person and is just having a moment.) But honestly, people can be so hard to care for. So hard to love. God calls us to love everyone. Even the people that treat us like dirt. The people that somehow missed the part where you are as human as they are. Other people are really pretty easy to love.. Like the couple that regularly comes into the restaurant. They are very friendly and caring.

Many people think that if you become a Christian, you will have an easy life. Haha. Nope! Not how it works. When someone becomes a Christian, they are called to be more. They are called to love those grumpy people that treat them like dirt. They are called to love that friendly couple. It doesn't matter who it is- they are still called to love them. I am still called to love them.

And believe me.. This definitely has not been easy for me. Yeah, some people are easy for me to love. But if someone hurts my pride and causes me to eat humble pie, I will put up a fight. No, I do not really care to care about them. But I know that isn't the godly approach. I want to encourage you all to love all those around you, because as a Christian, that's the job you have been called to. We can not do this in our own strength.. We must ask God to help us. That is the only way we will succeed. So, what are you waiting for?? You got a job to do! Ask for God to help you. Go love others. Go love everyone.

Friday, June 5, 2015

I'm a Senior Now?

I have been consistently bad about posting on here.. I meant to post last month, but I just never got around to it (if that wasn't obvious ;-P).
I've been staying pretty busy. It has finally been winding down around here. I still am working some. But... Aim is almost done for the summer. I also have finished 11th grade. So, that technically makes me a senior, right? I am super excited about this coming school year. But maybe I'm getting a little ahead of myself.. Haha. 
I have been working on my summer plans. I was originally hoping to go on a missions trip for like a month or so. But that didn't work out. Instead, it looks like I will be in town for most (if not all) of the summer. Hopefully, I will be able to use my time productively.
Here's kinda what I'm looking at for this summer:
  • Study for SAT test this fall
  • Put together a reading list
  • Follow the reading list
  • Finish my college list
  • Start working on college application stuffs
  • Be a little more social ;-)
  • Etc.
Also, I may (huge *may* here) take a trip to another state this summer. Maybe. We will see if the Lord keeps that door open.

What are you guys doing this summer? I hope you are able to do some productive and fun things! :-)

I have like three other blog drafts.. We will see when I get to them. Maybe I can post them all soon. 
Well, so long for now!

Have a blessed week!!! :-)