Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Reason

Jesus has given us... A reason to hope again. A reason to love again. A reason to trust again. Jesus is the Reason. Jesus is the reason why we can hope. The reason why we can love one another as He loved us. His love for us is the reason why can we can trust HIM fully.


Transparency. Light.
I was thinking about what a person of full transparency would look like, and I thought it would look like light. A person full of light where no darkness or sin can hide. I believe Christians should be known for their transparency- their openness- to others. A Christian should be a person who isn't afraid to let others know that they too struggle and have faults. A person who doesn't lie about who they are or they aren't. Are you that kind of person? If so, continue to be so. If not, why aren't you? How can you be more so without feeling like you are going to be hurt or broken?

Monday, August 12, 2013

The rain will come...

The rain will come, but when it comes, will you be ready? Will you be ready to cling close to your Savior? He will help you get through the storms of  life.
Will you be clinging to your Savior whenever the storms of life come your way? Think about it.