Friday, June 5, 2015

I'm a Senior Now?

I have been consistently bad about posting on here.. I meant to post last month, but I just never got around to it (if that wasn't obvious ;-P).
I've been staying pretty busy. It has finally been winding down around here. I still am working some. But... Aim is almost done for the summer. I also have finished 11th grade. So, that technically makes me a senior, right? I am super excited about this coming school year. But maybe I'm getting a little ahead of myself.. Haha. 
I have been working on my summer plans. I was originally hoping to go on a missions trip for like a month or so. But that didn't work out. Instead, it looks like I will be in town for most (if not all) of the summer. Hopefully, I will be able to use my time productively.
Here's kinda what I'm looking at for this summer:
  • Study for SAT test this fall
  • Put together a reading list
  • Follow the reading list
  • Finish my college list
  • Start working on college application stuffs
  • Be a little more social ;-)
  • Etc.
Also, I may (huge *may* here) take a trip to another state this summer. Maybe. We will see if the Lord keeps that door open.

What are you guys doing this summer? I hope you are able to do some productive and fun things! :-)

I have like three other blog drafts.. We will see when I get to them. Maybe I can post them all soon. 
Well, so long for now!

Have a blessed week!!! :-)

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