Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Chapter 1

This is something I have been working on.... it still needs a lot of work, but here is the first chapter, if you can even call it a chapter...

Chapter 1

It was nearly dawn as the horse and rider came into view. The rider, a young girl, sat bareback as her horse galloped wearily, mane waving in the wind matching the girl’s long, flowing blond hair.  They galloped on as one until they reach a stream hidden in the trees.  “We can stop here girl; nobody will see us,” the girl said as she glanced wearily around them. She pulled out a sack and sat down letting her horse get a drink out of the stream and eat some of the rich grass growing along the stream.
            They had been doing this for a week now, traveling during the night and sleeping during the day not wanting to be seen. The girl, who name was Grace, was on her way back home. Her father, who wanted to separate her from her little brother, had hired her away from the farm where she had grown up.  That was five years ago. She finally decided she just had to go home, find her brother, and help him escape from their father who cared nothing of their well-being.
So, here she was, just a mile from her father’s home. Should she wait till nightfall? Grace thought quietly as she pushed her hair behind her ears. I just have to see if he is alright! I just have to. “Okay, girl, let’s go now. I know it is just getting light, but I have to see my brother!”
Quickly mounting Freedom, her horse, Grace guided her horse towards the farm.  Trotting then lopping, they soon reached the place they had traveled so long and far to reach.

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