Thursday, March 21, 2013

Two Different Kinds of Friendships

I've noticed there are different kind of friendships which happen because of the different kind of people who make them. (Hope that that makes sense!!)
Have you noticed that some people tend to make friends very fast, and others take way longer to develop a friendship with someone?
The first kind seem to have an easy time making friends. Maybe people see them as a cool person who is talented (they probably are!!), and maybe they kind of seem to sparkle. These friendships might be light, fun, and not really long-lasting, but they can also be long, deep, and fun friendships.
The second may seem to be kind of dull and not very fun. These are the kind of people who will probably take longer to build friendships with others, but they aren't really as dull and "unfun" as they seem. They are probably more of the deep kind, and they will stick with their friends no matter what.
Make any sense? I think that both kinds have pros and cons. ;)
So, whether you are the first or second person, it doesn't matter, just be careful with your friends and remain  faithful to your friends because "one who finds a faithful friend finds a treasure".  God has given you a treasure when He has given you a friend. Cherish them.

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