Friday, March 8, 2013

Christian Youth Of Action

If you aren't checking in on CYOA's(Christian Youth Of Action's) blog, here's a little update on what they've been up to.
 Btw- CYOA is a Christian-youth founded group that raises money to help reach a lost world for Christ.
They recently finished raising money for a water buffalo(this water buffalo will be given to a needy family by a church where hopefully they will become interested in learning more about Christ)!! They did two movie night fundraisers one of them being a  "dinner-and-a-movie" night where the youth showed Fireproof and had a served spaghetti dinner!
Their next goal is to sponsor a missionary for a year and to buy a barnyard bundle consisting of a cow, a pig, and other animals. Altogether, this will cost them a little over a $1,000. From the last fundraisers, they have enough money left over to already sponsor the missionary!
Please pray for this team of youth that are on fire for the Lord. Please pray for the leaders and the team members as they grow in their roles. Please also pray for the families who will be affected by their work. Thanks!!
To see their blog and learn more about them and what they've been up to, click the link below.

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