Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The God-Given Passion

My far-from-perfect 5 paragraph essay for writing class... Enjoy.

The God-Given Passion
Doctors are highly respected in society because of the years of hard work they have put into reaching the state of knowledge they have today.  This knowledge can be used to help others and even save lives.  Physicians have also been trained to know what to do in emergency situations.  When I grow up, I want to become a general practitioner.  I believe this is a God-given passion.  As a doctor, I can reach others for Christ, help others with their health, and understand how God created the human body and the way it actually functions.
Reaching others for Christ is a big goal in my life.  I am hoping to be a missionary, using medical skills to lead people to Christ.  When someone offers help with physical issues to others, they can be opening a door to help heal their spiritual illnesses.  Thus, giving them the opportunity to know and be a witness for Him.  Being a doctor could help open the door for me to share Christ to those who desperately need Him.
My next reason for wanting to become a doctor is to be able to just physically help others.  So many people suffer and even die from the lack of proper medical care.  I want to help prolong lives, and I want to help allow people to live a full life for Christ by giving them longer to do so. Helping someone physically would give me great joy by allowing me to see them healthy and happy again.
Lastly, I want to understand how God created humans and how the body actually functions.  God has given us such complex body systems. Learning about these systems would help me better understand how they all work and how I can help others keep their bodies healthy.  Keeping our bodies healthy is important because our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit.  Having a healthy body would enable us to serve Christ more fully.  I am passionate about being a general practitioner when I grow up, because I can use these skills to reach others for Him, help others physically, and better learn how the body functions.  Doctoring could help bridge the gap from the patient to Christ.  Helping others with their physical needs could help them live long fulfilling lives for Christ, and enable them to take action in keeping their bodies healthy and fit for Christ’s sake.  Becoming a doctor is something that may be hard to do, but if an individual loves helping others with their health and wants something to help build the bridge to Christ, becoming a doctor is something they might want to consider.

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