Saturday, December 7, 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen

Before you read this post: Please note that I understand there are many different views and opinions on this topic. The following are mine.

So, there is this thing that most people in my generation seem to have forgotten about- a lady and a gentleman. The only reason I haven't forgotten is because I have been blessed with a few guy friends that actually know how to be what I consider a gentlemen.

My definition of a gentleman: A young man/man who is willing to put the wants and needs of a young woman/woman above himself. He doesn't shame, work to offend, or irritate a lady. He works instead to help the lady.

My definition of a lady: A young woman/woman who is willing to allow a gentleman to help assist her. She won't offend a gentleman by insisting that she can do things herself and push aside the hand that was offered for her benefit/help. She will encourage a gentleman's gentlemanliness behavior and not discourage his effort to treat her as he should treat her.

Our society doesn't seem to practice this kind of stuff. I find it surprising when a guy will actually open the door for me or offer to assist me with something. I think that even those boys who are gentlemen are oftentimes discouraged, because when they offer their assistance, a lot of times, the girl won't allow him to assist her. So, ladies, Respect them. Treat them as gentlemen. Respect them in the way that you dress. Don't try to draw attention to yourself through how you dress. That is not a way to show them that you respect them. Allow them to help you with things.

Boys discourage girls from being ladies because they don't treat them with the respect due to them as a female. Females are the more "fragile" type. Sort of like flowers.... pretty but fragile. So, boys, treat them respectfully and gently, but do not look down on them because they are more "fragile" than you boys.

Let me know what your view are in this area. It would be cool to see different opinions/views. :)

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