Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Sunday Communion

The following poem was written by a friend of mine. 
Enjoy. :) 

A Sunday Communion:

As the offertory music plays,
And I stare blankly down a ways,
A small object grabs my gaze,
It is the cup of His last day.

The cup is empty now,
And it reminds me how,
My Lord and Savior died,
That I might be justified.

The pain that He has born,
To save this sinner torn,
It's more than I can bare,
To think he took my share.

And now, as I stare,
At that cup, sitting there,
Underneath a person's seat,
Empty, tipped over, and discreet,

I think of how He is overlooked,
By sinners who toss aside His book.

A sense of awe comes over me.

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