Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Christmas is here upon us and already almost done!!
This year, it kind of came upon me in a different way... It still doesn't feel much like Christmas to me.
But... that doesn't mean that I should end this day without really thinking of the real reason that we are celebrating.
We are celebrating Christ who came to earth as a little baby totally dependent on His mother. He grew up being our ultimate example- an example for us to mirror in everything we do. And finally, accomplished His goal- dying for the sins of the world.
The family time, the presents, and the food are nice, but let each and every one of us look to Christ and remember Him and the price He paid to come down here from heaven to this dark, sinful earth. For you. And for me.
Happy Birthday, Jesus. <3


  1. Hi, this is Nichelle from CIA. I really like your blog and reading it. It is very encouraging. :) I also feel like I can sort of stay in touch that way since I don't do facebook. :) Thanks for everything! You do not know how much your blog has encouraged me over the months.