Friday, December 28, 2012

Chapter 6

After what seemed like hours of arguing, finding evidence, and piecing it all together, Matthew Verge was put under arrest. His two children were free to do what they wanted. Grace mounted Freedom and pulled Jacob up behind her. She turned her towards the town. Trotting slowly, the mare seemed tired after her long morning. As they approached the town, Grace noticed Alex coming towards them on his mount, Moonlight.
“What was that for? Why didn’t you stop? Why is everything so secretive?” He asked frustrated.
“My father was put under arrest. He wasn’t up to any good. We were running from him. I’m sorry Alex.” Grace softly replied.
“Really? Oh, I’m sorry. Where will you guys be staying?”
“Probably in the hotel and then we will find somewhere probably away from Smalltown to live.” Grace said looking back at her brother. He nodded in agreement. Jacob seemed to trust his sister in whatever she thought was right. After all, he didn’t know much about the outside world after being stuck at the house all the time.
Alex looked at Jacob, “Why were you always rude to us? All we wanted was to be friends like old times.”
“I’m sorry! I couldn’t stay and talk. I really didn’t want to be rude. You don’t know how much I wanted to be friends. I needed friends. I still do, but my father wouldn’t let me be nice or take long. If I did, he would treat me harshly. I’m sorry you thought I was just being rude and didn’t want to be friends. It wasn’t true, still isn’t true.” Jacob sadly looked at him. He felt bad. He didn’t want Alex to think he didn’t want to be friends and was just trying to be rude. He really wanted to be friends. He really needed friends. Jacob was very glad his sister had come along.
“I’m sorry too old chap. Well, we can be friends. I guess I just didn’t get that you couldn’t before.”
“Alrighty boys, Jacob and I need to get going. Thanks, Alex. We’ll hopefully see you again before we leave.” With this, Grace turned Freedom towards the hotel.

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