Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Chapter 2

I have finally worked on this.... I didn't work on it very much.... but here it is. I hope you enjoy it at least a little. Thanks.

Chapter 2

As they rounded the last corner, Grace saw the place her eyes had longed to see for those long five years. She sighed quietly to herself. How good it felt to see this place she had once called home. The place where she had grown up. The place she knew all too well. Movement in the field caused Grace’s eyes to dart toward it. A corn stalk had moved in the cornfield but there was no breeze. Grace peered into the field. Phew, that was close! She thought to herself.  It was just a rabbit who had been frightened by the horse and its rider. It was still early and no one appeared to be up and about yet. Grace gracefully dismounted. Freedom nickered softly as Grace reached over and scratched her behind the ears.
Suddenly, Grace heard a someone singing. A voice she didn’t recognize. As she scanned the field in front of her, Grace saw the owner of the voice, a young man. He was tall and skinny. Grace stared quietly at the boy. There was something familiar about him. Maybe he’s an old friend of mine.. Maybe a boy my father hired to help around the farm that used to go to school with me.. As she was thinking these things, the boy suddenly looked up and noticed Grace standing there next to her beautiful horse. He looked intently at her and briskly walked up to her.
“May I help you?” he asked.
“Umm, no, I was just looking at the beautiful farmland. I’ll be on my way,” she hurriedly replied.
“Grace?” the young man asked, “Is that you?”
Grace who had always been known for her honesty hesitantly stammered, “Yes. But who are you?”
“Alex,” the young man replied.
“Alex?! Is that really you?” Grace nearly shouted as she ran into his open arms.
“What brings you here? I thought you ran away. We searched for you. We were worried sick! Ms. Jane lost her best student. Oh, Grace, where have you been?”
“My father hired me out; did he never tell you guys?” Grace gave a worried expression. “Where is my brother? How is my brother? Is he okay? Is he alive?”
Alex gave her a face mixed with sadness and anger. “Your father has changed him. Your brother isn’t nice and caring like he used to be. We never see him unless he is at the store. He has changed a lot.” With that, Alex let out a deep sigh.
“Oh no..” Grace quietly whispered.
“Well, I’m glad your back! But I must run, or I will be late for church! Everyone will be so happy to hear you are back!”
“Wait,” Grace hurriedly reached and grabbed his shirt. “Tell no one that you saw me. Please? I’ll explain one day.”
Giving her a questioning look, Alex nodded and hurried off toward the church. Now to find my brother. Oh! I hope he is okay! Grace thought as she turned towards the stable.

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