Thursday, December 13, 2012

Chapter 3

Here is Chapter 3. If you have any thoughts or comments on how to make my writing better, etc. Please let me know. This is pretty much a just for fun project that I have throw on the page. I am obviously not much good at it, but I hope you enjoy it at least a little bit. Thanks!

Heading to the stable, Grace sighed. She hoped her brother was okay and that Alex was wrong about him. “No one seems to be home, Freedom. Maybe they all went to church. I’ll put you in the stable and go have a look around. Come this way.” And with that Grace led her beautiful mare to a stall. After she had given her the proper care, she walked towards the house.
Quietly walking up the stairs that led to the house and walking to a window, Grace peered into the house. It seemed the same as it did from afar. No one was home. The windows and doors were locked. Hmmm, I wonder if that key is still somewhere around here... Grace reached for the dark spot where they used to hide the key. There, she felt something. Yep, it appeared to still be there. Phew. She walked around the side of the house to the door. She put the key in and turned it; the door creaked and then opened.
The house was rustic looking. Her father loved to hunt, thus there were guns, animal skins, and a deer head on the wall. The room she entered into was the mudroom. There was a cold tile floor which had many muddy paw prints on it. Taking a deep breath, she advanced into the next room. But wait, there was some kind of sound. It was coming from the side room, which happened to be the spare room. This was the cold, dark, and unfurnished room of the house that Grace’s father had always said was haunted. Was it a cat? A family member? A ghost? Although Grace had never believed in ghosts, the thought of there being a ghost in there snuck in her mind. She quickly brushed that thought aside and walked over to the door. Nervous, she swung the door open. It was all dark. She flipped the light on. “Who’s there?” she asked.
“What do you want?” responded a voice that Grace knew. A voice she used to know well.

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