Friday, October 31, 2014

There is much controversy about whether or not humans came from nothingness or if they were actually created. Evolutionists believe that man is nothing more than an “advanced” animal. Creationists believe that God created man for a reason and a purpose. I am going to briefly discuss both of these views, and then maybe by the end you will see which one would make more sense.

Evolutionists believe in the big bang: matter exploding and then life suddenly evolving. First of all, where did the energy come from to cause such a big mass of matter to explode? They do not know. Second, how could life suddenly come out of, well, something that doesn’t have life? Yeah, they say it evolved, but who wants to tell me how an explosion caused life to suddenly start evolving. And then there is the whole thing of since when does an explosion create order? So, evolutionists are pretty much saying, “Hey guys, we dropped a bomb on a junk yard and it cleaned it all up and created cars, houses, and other useful items because of the energy caused by an explosion.” How does that even make sense?!

Creationists believe that God made the world and created humans. Now, I know to some people that thought is crazy. God?! Since when is there a God? All I have to say is look around you. When you see a painting, what do you think? Did the painting just happen or did there have to be an artist painting it? Now think about that instead with the world. The earth is amazingly made. It doesn’t look like a result of an explosion. How is there so much order and beauty? Did that just evolve? If God really did create the world and humans, think about the difference it could have on a person’s way of thinking. Also think about what that would mean for humans. That would give us a purpose. The Bible says we are made in the image of God. If this is true, that means we have souls and spirits because God also does. This also would mean we are above the animals. After all, animals aren’t made in the image of God. The same goes for plants.

All I’m trying to say is look around you. Is all this here only by chance? Or is there something more to all this? Maybe people don’t want to believe in a Creator because they would have someone to answer to. If we are just highly advanced animals, we wouldn’t have to answer to anyone. Think about it.

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