Friday, October 18, 2013

The Beginning of a New Season of Life

Hello all!
So, just recently (a couple months ago), I had a birthday. (Oh, no! She actually had a birthday! Is that even possible?!...) Okay, so no duh, I had a birthday cause everyone else has them too.
Last night, I had to "say goodbye" to a very very dear friend. I hope we continue to remain good friends and grow closer, but it still hurt/hurts to know that I will no longer be a mime with her and won't be able to hang out with her nearly as much.
Today, I am starting CollegePrep. (Scary!!!) I will be studying for CLEP tests to earn college credit. I am hoping it will be wonderful, but I'm not sure exactly what I'm getting myself into. ;)
Next week, I will start 10th grade.... oh no! ;)
I love and hate change. It's weird. I always want it, but when I have it, I hate it.
(That's a lot of change for one homeschooler. ;) Why do people always make jokes about homeschoolers?! Give us a break! Ok... random rabbit trail.)

So....... I wrote most of that quite a while ago, but I never published it..
Since then, I have almost completed three CollegePrep classes which really only equal one elective. I have done critical thinking, speed reading, and am finishing up Dynamic Memory. I am also studying for a CLEP test- Analyzing and Interpreting Literature.
And then 10th grade..... Well, I'm about 1/4 done with 10th grade I would say. It still isn't as hard as I remember 8th grade being. Lol. We had *so* many classes in 8th grade... it was plain craZee. ;) I don't seem to like Algebra 2 as much as I normally like math. I also have a class called Living My Purpose. It helps the students taking it decide what they want to do with their lives for the Lord, etc. I'm taking Civil War history which will count as my last year of history in high school... Except... I like history. So, I wish it was more like my last year of something else (maybe math? But then I need to like math..). ;) Biology is interesting. I have been using a microscope which is totally new to me (homeschooler! ;) And! I'm taking Drivers Ed. The first day in class though, they scared the students by playing this video about teens and driving or something. SCARY! But I think I'm almost over it now. Lol.
Oh, and, saying "good bye" to a friend of mine... well, it was really hard. Like I never expected it to be *that* hard. But it was. But thankfully, it doesn't hurt as much now. :) And. I've been able to see her and hang out with her a little still. And that means a lot to me. More than she probably knows.
Also, since my birthday was in June.. I will be able to legally get my learners permit for driving the day after Christmas. Although, the DMV will probably be closed that day. Lol. I've always wanted to be grown up... and then one day I stopped and thought about growing up... soon, I won't ever be able to be a kid again... So I better enjoy it while I have it, right?!
Wellllllllll... Maybe this is a pointless (maybe even confusing) post. Maybe nobody wanted to know allllll that stuff. Lol. But here is in.... in case anybody wanted to know. ;)
Change is hard. But sometimes change is good. Don't forget that...

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