Thursday, October 10, 2013

October Activities

So. I am going to Catalina on Sunday! (Super excited! Although a little sad that not as many people are going this year. But oh well.) I will be gone till Wednesday.This trip has turned into a leadership conference type of thing. So, I am going with the AIM leadership team, some family, and a friend. We are all going to be driving up together and then taking a boat across the water (cause sadly, my car can't drive over/in water ;) That would be so convenient though!). I am hoping to take lots of pics and will be posting on here to tell you guys about- what I learned, show some pictures, and what we did (something like that at least). So be looking for that if you care to hear (well, I guess you probably won't be "hearing" about it..... more like  reading about it.. anyways...).
I am also going to a women's retreat this weekend. I was so disappointed that I would be missing the retreat this year, but then somehow it actually worked out. I am also planning on posting about that. Last year God showed/taught me a few things, and I hope that I will learn somethin' this year too. :)
So yep! 
Have a great rest of your week and God bless. :)
-Bekah Grace

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