Monday, January 6, 2014

People... They Struggle

People. Well, they struggle. They live in a fallen world. They are going to have struggles. So, of course, I know people who struggle. Like everyone I know has struggled. And some people I have just want to give them hug and tell them everything is going to be alright. And when I feel like I can't do anything to help them..... I feel helpless...... (Okay, maybe I overact a little in this area). Maybe I have a lack of trust in the Lord during times when people I love are struggling.
So, how should people help those who are struggling? What is the correct and godly response?
My mother would probably tell me just to love the person and be there for them. And then, of course, shower them in prayer. I also believe that this is the right response.
So, for those in your life that are struggling-
1. Be there for them. And make sure they know you are there for them.
2. Listen to them. If they want to talk about something, listen to them and don't just butt in your advice or whatnot..... wait till they finish and if they want your advice or a word from you than give it. Sometimes though, there are the times where you should say something even if they don't want to hear it, so use discernment when this problem arises.
3. Pray for them/shower them with prayer
4. Just love them. And maybe tell them that you appreciate them and care about them once in a while. :)

Have a blessed week,

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