Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Struggle to Surrender

Well, it shouldn't be that way. At least not between your Maker and you. It should be more like:
Give Me your heart.
Yes, Lord, I surrender my whole heart, my whole soul, and all my strengths and failures over to You. Please do whatever You want through me and use me to bring glory and honor to You alone.
But is it really that easy?
No, probably not.
You see, Surrendering doesn't come naturally. We were born with a nature that was totally against God. To put that part of us to death and allow God to make us His children is a constant fight.
When you want to surrender, you can't just choose to surrender the easier things. You need to fully surrender to your Savior.
Imagine this picture..  God reaching out. Reaching out to hold your heart. Reaching out to grab your heart. And then all of a sudden, you rip it away from Him. Leaving Him there with His hand outstretched waiting for you to give it to Him - waiting for you to fully Surrender your heart to Him.
The other night, God showed me an area I need to surrender to Him. I didn't want to. And then, God gave me a picture sort of like the one I just described.
You see, God wants each and everyone of our hearts. And He doesn't just want part of our heart. He wants the whole thing. About a week before God gave me that picture, I had told God that I wanted to surrender to Him, I just didn't know exactly what that meant. So, lately He has been showing me a lot of areas that need surrender. My friendships. My unforgiveness. My bitterness. Etc.
So, search yourself. Are there any areas in your heart that you need to surrender over to the Lord? If so, talk to Him about them. He is waiting for you to fully surrender.
And no, it won't be easy.
But yes, it will be worth it. :)

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