Friday, May 17, 2013

Talking Behind A Back ;)

So, I am what you may call a missionary in the home. Or at least I should be.
My family has hosted exchange students since before I was born. In the last few years, we began to host more. This year, we have been blessed with two students staying with us. I love our students. And they have taught me important things. 
One thing I have really felt convicted about lately is talking bad about people behind their backs. When you live with people, you see their good and bad and they see yours.
Lately, God has shown me that talking behind people's backs is not okay. (I knew that stuff before, but this was more of a conviction.)
Talking bad behind someone's back turns you against them and builds up walls between you and them.
So, don't talk bad behind someone's back. Don't gossip. Etc. Instead, use words that will be encouraging and build them up. :) 

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