Friday, January 18, 2013

The Beginning of a Beautiful Marriage

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The Beginning of a Beautiful Marriage

After a beautiful marriage to my grandfather, my grandma passed away on December 10, 2012.  My grandparents first met on March 25, 1943 at the fourteenth birthday party of Mary Frances. My grandpa had known Mary Frances from high school and been on a few dates with this young lady. She was also a friend of my grandmother’s, Mary Ellen. When Mary Ellen saw my grandfather, Bud, she was in love as some might call “love at first sight.” My grandpa said his first impression of Grandma was “pretty and crazy.” My grandparents were at the time thirteen years of age. Grandma later drew a picture of Grandpa and herself with thirteen kids which she had all named. They saw each other every once and awhile after that. Bud also wrote her during his summer trips to Florida. My grandparents didn't date in high school, but my grandpa harassed Mary Ellen at parties. Awhile later, my grandfather received a
postcard from her. He then found out where she was and why. After a year, she came back. Mary Ellen never gave up chasing after Bud, so finally after about ten years of knowing her and being “stalked” by her, Grandpa gave up and married her on September 19, 1953. They were married for nearly sixty years. Summing up their whole marriage, my grandpa said, “It was a good life.”  And they were in love the whole sixty years.

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