Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Random little tips on random little things

Assuming the worst of others. Doesn't everyone at one time or another assume the worst of someone? Maybe you have a lack of trust in them? Maybe they always let you down in that area, and you feel they have done it yet again? I've been taught to always assume the best about someone unless you know for sure that something is true.

Immaturity. If you know someone who seems immature for their age, it's okay. Maybe it isn't the person that is seeming immature; maybe it is the person who is seeing it that is possibly just always wanted to be older than they are so they are a little more mature in some areas then the other person. Let the "immature" person be. Maybe in their younger life they couldn't be a child. Maybe they had to worry about the kind of stuff you didn't have to worry about when you were their age. So now, they want to be young and never grow up.

Bossiness. If you struggle with being in charge, relax. If you stop telling others how to live their lives and what to do, such a big, great burden will be lifted off of you! You won't constantly be feeling like you have to fix others around you. You can actually put your own time and energy into something more important like fixing your own "issues". ;)

Bitterness. Gosh, bitterness causes so many issues. You remain bitter from past problems and issues with others. Bitterness can be like cancer in a way. It can grow and grow and just take control of you. Forgive and move on. Don't hold onto the past. Look at what lies ahead and what Christ has in store for you! 

Holding your tongue/temper. Maintaining your temper can be a very important factor in your Christian ministry to others. I once heard a quote about holding your tongue. It went something like: if you are angry, wait 10 seconds to speak. 


  1. Some how I don't think that this was just a random post...

    1. Wellllllllllll then, maybe they had something to do with something...