Wednesday, November 7, 2012


So, lately, another thing other than OCC that has been keeping me busy is drama. Heritage is putting on a play called Further Up and Further In. It is based on 3 of the Narnia books by C.S. Lewis. So, anyways, drama has been taking up a lot of time. This week is the week we are going to present this play to people and try to share Christ with them at the same time.
I hope I will look back on drama as something that stretched me and made me draw closer to the Lord.
Drama club has many wonderful people in it who love acting and stuff, but there are also that bunch that aren't the nicest and who you can tell don't care to be there and to do drama. Sadly, these people have been a bother to me. Just the other night, I had to apologize to a couple of them for my behavior towards them. Maybe that is another area God will help me grow in from doing drama. I guess I haven't had to be around many teenage girls with "attitude". Well, I guess it had to come one day.. ;) Anyways, please pray that the production goes well, everyone remembers their parts, everyone has a positive and happy attitude, everyone has a good time, everything runs smoothly, and most of all that God is glorified through it all.
Lol. If you took the time to read this, then congrats! ;)


  1. sorry bout that, but cool that your doing a play. those are fun, have you been in any other ones before this?

    1. The play is coming together. It is has been fun doing dress rehearsal and all. I have been in a little "Kids Klub" drama before in 2006. :) Not really any experience. ;)