Tuesday, October 30, 2012


So, Halloween is just around the corner (Like tomorrow) ;). Lots of people will go out tomorrow night dressed up as witches, animals, clowns, and who knows what else. Trick-or-treating is a very popular thing to do because it's well, FREE candy (and people like to rot their teeth out too). ;) But why is Halloween so dark and evil? Why do we as Christians celebrate this day as a favorite holiday and such? I don't think it is wrong to have fun and such, but there is something about celebrating a day that to me seems like the "devil's" day. It's filled with his kind of stuff. He would love for people to dwell on "his kind of stuff", but why don't we as Christians make something good out of such a day? Why don't we shine Christ's love to others as we are trick-or-treating, going to a festival, or even staying at home passing out candy to the trick-or-treaters?

So, this Halloween, make it a day for the Lord and not for the evil one. Go shine Christ's light wherever you go! (And make sure you eat lots of candy ;)!)

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