Thursday, July 14, 2016

Africa Here I Come!

I will soon be leaving for Africa (like this Tuesday to be exact)! I am still getting a few last minute things done. I will be trying to post on here while I am gone. We will see how that goes. If you wish to contact me, you can try my Instagram (bekahboo1315), WhatsApp (my cell number), or Snapchat. I am planning to use Whatsapp a lot, but I am not sure what the cell service will be like over there. 
I would really appreciate everyone's prayers...
I am going to be away from home for 6 weeks (42 days to be exact), 5 of which will be in a third world country. I have only been out of the country to Mexico and Canada, so this is a huge deal to me... I have also never been away from home for more than about a week. Please pray that I (and my sister Victoria who is coming as well) will adjust well and be a blessing to all those around me. 
The 6th week will be spent in Germany and maybe a couple other European countries. That should be really fun and I am really looking forward to that as well! 
Thank you for your prayers and support!
Bekah Grace

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  1. Hi lovely young lady, I would love to read this blog but my computer shows it in purple cannot read it. Your Grandpa cannot read it either. How about the blog without the color?
    Thank you,
    its me at a different email,