Sunday, January 25, 2015

Aim Missions Trip 2015

Hey guys!
So I decided I should probably post and tell you what's been up and all lately.
I decided to go on a missions trip with Aim, the mime team. We will be traveling up the coast of California and back down. Because of this, we trained all day Wednesday and Thursday and half of Friday. Today, we had a service project. And tomorrow, we hit the road after a presentation. We will be heading to San Franciso first. 
I would appreciate all of your prayers for the team's health, safety, strength, and relationship with the Lord. 
I will be blogging about the trip on Aim's website. Please sign up for the email updates if you wish to stay updated with everything we are doing. You can go to the website ( and go to the blog page. From there, you should be  able to fill out a form from one of the posts. This will sign you up for the updates. 
Well, thanks for reading this post. Have an amazingly blessed week!!
God bless!!

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